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QA Stripper/Mixer


Biostrip is a fully automatic tube stripper for blood tubes. Biostrip simplifies and works against ergonomic injuries in hand wrists and shoulders, which can happen during manual stripping. Contact us for details »

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HEMO-FORM® is a specially prepared Silicon Paste for capillary withdrawal of blood. The paste induces the information of large droplets which can be collected by capillary means or as desired. It also delays coagulation, prevents contamination of the blood sample by tissue fluids, and permits the withdrawal of much larger quantities of blood from same puncture than is usual with conventional methods. HEMO-FORM® is specially suited for pediatrics and patients with whom a venipuncture is not possible. CE 0413, certificate no: 41317099 Contact us for details »

lLT Cin

Spray disinfection for medical products and medical devices. Desinfection equal to 70% ethanol. Contains no perfume, colour or aldehyde. R10-flammable.Spray LT-CIN undiluted on to objects (operating tables, medical equipment, toilets, shoes etc.) and allow to act for 1 minute. Wipe off excess preparation with a dry cloth. Contact us for details »

lt-cleanLT Clean

Enzyme acctive special cleaning agent for surgical instruments, rectoscope, endoscope, laboratory glassware, cellcounters etc. LT-CLEAN dissolve fat and protein effectively. LT-CLEAN is enzyme active and biologically degradable. Contact us for details »